Monday, December 31, 2012

36. What our Tour Manager said and didn't!!!

Compliments to Our Europe Tour Manager Mr. Vipul:
 What he said and didn’t
Good Morning everybody!
I am your Tour Manager. My name is Vipul.
(Of Course ‘we pull’ each other for next 15 days. I am chota baiya Vipul Anand, your ‘GUIDE’ Dev Anand. Wahida Rehmaan will come into my life within a few months.)

Now a few advices to you all,

  1. First follow four Bs
i.                 Be patient when I am late (because I went around looking for missing persons in the loos)
ii.               Be pleasant when late comers come in (for they’ll be when u come in)
iii.             Be punctual (in your next trip)
iv.             Be fine in hotels ( r u’ll be fined 50Fr frankly)

  1. Don’t leave anything behind – wife, jewellery, passport etc (whatever you ate)

  1. Give the credit card to your wife (you keep the PIN, for both will be safe)

  1. Don’t come late or else I’ll leave you behind (Indian High commission will take care of you and Kuoni me!)

However Vipul is a nice boy, tactful, strict, alert and polite! Taught us discipline in a group.

A wide travelled Neil Pomento said “ Don’t just pile up Deposit certificates, take children out, let them learn to adjust in a group with varied Characters and deal with difficult situations. This trip will give them not only entertainment but also ways to accommodate oneself in life”

After all man is a social Animal!!

I presented Revathi Sankar's Youtube way of Twinkle twinkle little star, phonetic versions from various states of India.

Yoga teacher Porkodi said “ Don’t eat fruits at last in a meal as they digest and ferment easily. Eat them  before food”

And I said “Physical exercises use up oxygen and yoga helps us to retain oxygen.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!